Potato Potato

Potatoes are a good and healthy comfort food.

There are inummrable varieties of Potatoes and hundreds of recipes. Alot of people don’t know that potatoes produce flowers.

I have a sensational recipe for Scalloped potatoes on my website​. There are many ways to utilize them, even for the hobbiest.

If you’re going camping taking along Potatoes and few good recipes is always a good idea. http://www.mypotatoflower.com



Between the Azores and Brittany

Deliberate Sketching

Last Sunday evening our ship left the Azores Islands and this morning we docked at Brest on Frances’ Brittany coast. Here are five sketches from the last five days.

Watching the Azores Islands Disappear

It was still warm as we left the Azores and I was able to sketch comfortably on deck. I love the way the passengers attentively study the sea during departures and arrivals. Each stands alone yet companionably, and I wanted to capture a bit of this feeling with this sketch.


Azores Sunset

This sketch is also from our departure from the Azores but a bit later in the evening. Both of these two sketch are with gouache in a 9 X 9 sketchbook with black paper.


IPad Sketch of Two Musicians

I had my iPad and sketched a bit while I was listening to some of the performers on the ship.


Bow of…

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A Rare Shrub


A rarity!

(Euphorbia Stygiana) Native to the Azores Islands this extremely rare and attractive shrub has large yellow flower heads that perfume the air with a strong honey – scent. Discovered on the small island of Santa Maria in the Azores were it was isolated from the rest of the world for centuries, it’still one of the rarest and interesting Plants in the world.